Site officiel de Mickaël Martin 5e dan Aïkikaï de Tokyo
Uchi Deshi de Tamura Nobuyoshi Shihan
Fondateur de Meïwakan Aïkido

Meïwakan Aïkido


> Adults on Monday & Thursday 7pm-9pm


> Children on Monday & Thursday from 5:45pm


> Shumeïkan Dojo, Place des Allées 83149 Bras


> Contact us to get further information



The French Aïkido and Budo Federation (FFAB) built the Shumeïkan Dojo in order to give a school to Tamura Senseï so he could develop his research and his teaching enjoying a complete liberty. This old hostel is managed by the French Aïkido National School (ENA) since 1992 and it progressively evolved into a true traditional Dojo where everyone can develop further his research, following the original teaching transmitted by O Senseï.


Literally, the Dojo is the place where one practices and studies the path of Budo. It is a building dedicated to Budo and Zen practice. Originaly, it was a room located in a temple. Its use then evolved step by step towards martial arts practice.


The Dojo is the place that allows us to make progress together following the same path, under the supervision of a master.