1. 明   和   館








What does "Mei Wa Kan" mean 明 和 館 ?


Together, let's make things clearer and harmonious !

"Mei": clear, bright, to clarify, to make things clearer and understandable. Also expressed in the sense of akarui and myoo.

The "Mei" kanji consists of two characters, the sun and the moon . These two characters together form the character of the light "Mei" . In the daylight, the sun enlightens us. During the night, the moon re-flects the rays of the sun and also brings us light. Whether one is in broad daylight or in the night, there is thus always light, so that we can find our way. In the practice of Aikido, we also all need light to help us find our way and move in the right direction. That's why I chose "Mei".

"Wa": harmony, to soften, peace, to make things harmonious, to order, to accept.

The "Wa" can also be used to name Japan. It also means breaking the corners to round out in the shape of a circle. It also incorporates the meaning of ya-waragu, strength in flexibility. That's why I chose "Wa".

"Meiwa" thus becomes softening and making things clearer and more harmonious.

In Aikido, when we begin to practice, our body does not move according to the Budo criteria. It is hard, just like our minds. So we must soften our bodies and clear our minds so that the two act in harmony, it is the "Wa".

"Kan" (yakata): building, house, etc.

I chose the name of Meiwakan in relation to my vi-sion of Aikido and in direct connection with the way I received the teachings of Tamura sensei during the eight years during which I was uchi-deshi with him, in his dojo, Shumeikan. In connection with the way I un-derstood his Aikido and his philosophy, too.

Meiwakan is the place where we will enlighten, shed light on our minds and make the practice of Aikido more understandable according to the teaching of Tamura sensei; it is the "Mei". It is also the place where we are going to soften our bodies and bring peace in our mind in order to link the technique with our own body; it is the "Wa". Once the two together, the light will become harmonious. You will be able to "see" and be on the right path; it is "Meiwa".

To clarify and make things more comprehensible and harmonious, we must return to the basis of Aikido ac-cording to the basic principles of Tamura sensei. It is also necessary to find the correct way of using the body according to the ancient principles of Budo. To integrate this, one must work and practice again and again, tire-lessly, until all these principles are fully integrated by the body itself, so that it can then express itself freely.